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These contain instructions and individual assignments.
No answer key available.
1 Voltmeter Decimal Conversion Sheet w/answers.pdf  file size 15KB
2 Ohm's Law Formula Workbook.pdf   file size 35KB
3 Toyota Wiring Diagram Workbook v18.pdf   file size 2.1MB
4 Mazda Wiring Diagram Workbook v13.pdf   file size 1.51MB

Practice Sheets
These are scanned wiring diagrams in a variety of circuits and require
an instructor to explain how the circuits work. These are ideal for
students using color markers for circuit tracing. No instructions.
1 Toyota Wiring Diagram Practice Sheets v21.pdf   file size 1.32MB
2 Mazda Wiring Diagram Practice Sheets v11.pdf   file size 750KB
3 GM Wiring Diagram Practice Sheets v10.pdf   file size 950KB
4 Combined Wiring Diagram Practice v10.pdf*
  file size 2.5MB
*This W.B. is a sequential combined version of items: 1, 2, & 3.
5 Sample Factory Camry Wiring Diagram Book.pdf   file size 4.1MB

Lab Sheets
No answer key available.
Lab Sheets I - Basic Electrical v13.pdf   file size 96KB
Lab Sheets II - Body Electrical v11 (Blank Repair Order).pdf   file size 30KB
Lab Sheet Workbook - Toyota Test Procedure Instructions.pdf   file size 605KB
Lab Sheet Workbook- Toyota Batteries.pdf   file size 383KB
Lab Sheet Workbook- Toyota Starting System.pdf   file size 426KB
Lab Sheet Workbook- Toyota Charging System.pdf   file size 532KB

Exam Material*
*Electrical Exam I Questions with answer key.pdf   file size 180KB
*Electrical Exam II Questions with answer key.pdf   file size 66KB
*Electrical Exam II Exhibit Booklet.pdf   file size 1.43MB
* All Exam Exhibits and the Exam Questions require a password.
* Exams are available in MS Word. Just email your request to us.

* Click here to request a password.

Technical Articles
Toyota Series - Electrical
01 Electrical Fundamentals with questions.pdf   file size 401KB
02 Electrical Circuits with questions.pdf   file size 319KB
03 Electrical Components with questions.pdf    file size 517KB
04 Analog vs Digital Meters with questions.pdf   file size 45KB
05 Wire, Terminal and Connector Repair w/qu.pdf   file size 270KB
06 Automotive Batteries with questions.pdf   file size 741MB
07 Toyota Starting Systems with questions.pdf   file size 870KB
08 Toyota Charging Systems with questions.pdf   file size 850KB
09 Understanding Toyota Wiring Diagram.pdf  file size 1.9MB
10 Electrical Diagnostic Tools.pdf  file size 784KB
11 Diagnosing Body Electrical Problems.pdf  file size 1.31MB
12 Semiconductors with questions.pdf   file size 216KB
13 Transistors with questions.pdf   file size 42KB
14 Computers / Logic Gates with questions.pdf  file size 205KB
15 Overview of Sensors & Actuators w/quest.pdf   file size 287KB

Technical Articles
Toyota Series - Electrical (623 Training Course)
Elec01 Essential Electrical Concepts.pdf  774KB
Elec02 Electrical Circuits.pdf  1244KB
Elec03 The Battery.pdf  785KB
Elec04 The Starting System.pdf  1359KB
Elec05 The Charging System.pdf  911KB
Elec06 Introduction to Electrical Signals.pdf  388KB
Elec07 Appendix.pdf  107KB
Elec11 Electrical Circuit Theory.pdf  1100KB
Elec12 Using the Electrical Wiring Diagram.pdf  1853KB
Elec13 Electrical Diagnostic Tools.pdf  498KB
Elec14 Six-Step Troubleshooting Plan.pdf  808KB
Elec15 Diagnosing Body Electrical Problems.pdf  750KB
Elec16 General Development of Multiplexing.pdf  388KB

Elec17 Appendix.pdf  59KB

Technical Articles
Web Series
Control Devices.pdf  190KB
Circuit Protection.pdf  683KB
Understanding Relays with questions.pdf  550KB
Battery Basics v1.1.pdf  531KB
Battery Service v1.1.pdf  478KB

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