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Car & Light Truck ASE Study Guides

These eight Self-Study Guides cover the passenger car and light truck series of ASE certification, tests A1 through A9. They provide valuable information to help prepare for the ASE Certification Tests. Written and published by Motor Age magazine.

Included within every guide is the ASE Task List, detailing exactly what type of knowledge and experience is necessary for the individual specialty. Easy-to-read text and illustrations provide the important background information you'll need to understand each area of certification and fill in any gaps which may exist in your technical knowledge.

In addition, each self-study guide contains sample questions, written in the style of the ASE test, along with detailed answers explaining why a particular solution is correct. You'll gain valuable insight into how to take an ASE test and a useful reference manual you can use on the job.

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Motor Age ASE Certification Study Guides

A1 Engine Repair $25.95

A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle $25.95

A3 Manual Drive Train & Axles $25.95

A4 Steering & Suspension $25.95

A5 Brakes $25.95

A6 Electronic/Electrical Systems $25.95

A7 Heating & A/C $25.95

A8 Engine Performance $25.95

A9 Light Diesel Engines $25.95

AA Car & Light Truck (Set of all 9 books above) $182.95

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